Prayer Secrets – Kenneth E. Haggin

“Prayer Secrets” by Kenneth Hagin is a powerful book that unveils the profound principles and insights for effective prayer. In this transformative guide, Hagin delves into the spiritual realm, revealing the keys to unlocking the true potential of prayer. With his deep understanding of Scripture and years of ministry experience, he provides practical wisdom and strategies to help believers develop a vibrant prayer life and experience the incredible results prayer can bring. From understanding the authority and power of prayer to cultivating intimacy with God, this book equips readers to tap into the supernatural realm and see their prayers answered. “Prayer Secrets” is a must-read for anyone seeking to deepen their prayer life, activate the promises of God, and walk in greater spiritual authority.

Author: Kenneth E. Haggin
Publisher: Twelfth Printing 1995
ISBN: 0-89276-005-2


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Prayer Secrets – Kenneth Hagin


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